Ethical Protection

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Hi All,

Every human being has the capability of giving ethical protection to every other human being on planet earth.  We can create and maintain a safer, saner, world by being Ethical Protectors of others.

To create a safe family, a safe workplace, a safe world, when we witness anything inappropriate, neglectful, abusive, or wrong, we should:

1. Assist our family members, co-workers, and fellow human beings.
2. Fix something when something is going wrong.
3. Stop something when something is wrong.
4. Tell complete truths, and not partial, biased ones.

There is physical courage. And then there is moral courage. Ethical protection is certainly moral courage. Moral courage is actually more difficult to embody in this world than physical courage, though the two are connected.

I cannot emphasize enough just how important this is for our roles as competent, decent, members of humanity. We should speak up when we see something inappropriate, clearly wrong, neglectful, or abusive. When we stand up for the vulnerable, the un-served, the under-served, we’re doing a great service for our fellow human beings.

The ethic of Ethical Protection, with a mindset and daily actions driven by it, is what separates boys from men, girls from women, and amateurs from professionals.

This is likely the most important kind of work that can be done in the brief lifetime we have here on planet earth.


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