There is no Humanity B

Hi All,

See this interesting article about how new technology is being created to enable humans to communicate better across species.

So we can now look forward to communicating better with honeybees, dolphins, and elephants. It’s all very fascinating.

Are there others out there working to create new methods (technological or otherwise) whereby humans can communicate qualitatively better with other humans or with which never before seen levels of deep empathy can be created so that humans can begin gladdening the heart of human beings in a qualitatively larger way, feeding the hungry in a larger, life-changing way (e.g., solving the unsheltered issue), helping the afflicted in a larger, completely reframed way, lightening the sorrow of the sorrowful in a way so new and potent that it’s hardly recognizable, and removing the sufferings of the injured in a transformatively new way?

While it is fascinating to believe that we could communicate in new ways with other species, there is still much work to be done in transforming this world for humans. For instance, there are innumerable social, economic, and political systems in this world that expose certain populations to demonstrably greater risks of morbity and mortality. These social, economic, and political structures constitute a kind of structural violence that harms certain groups of people, contributing to health inequalities and measureably negative impacts on wellbeing.

Can we not apply the ingenuity of humankind to what remains the critical issues for all humans including, but not necessarily limited to, world health inequity, systemic & structural racism, the pervasive issue of unsheltered people, worldwide displaced peoples and refugees, etc.?

I argue that it could be, once we focus on repairing (upstream) the structures that contribute to human suffering (as opposed to being myopically focused on the downstream outcomes), other issues on planet earth would begin to work themselves out in ways that currently we can’t imagine. What I propose is not anti-environmental. Instead, it’s a radical interpretation of what matters most on planet earth and how all life on planet earth (including honeybees, dolphins, and elephants) would benefit from such a focus on essential work.

We (collectively…all of us) act as if we have forever to do this necessary work.

There is no Humanity B.


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