Become a Samurai of Conflict Communication

All Contact Professionals training/needing to be experts in conflict communication (aka: de-escalation) should immediately notice the validity of all these 6 points (attributed to Morihei Ueshiba). If you don’t, then you’re likely only familiar with less-than-complete, check-the-box type trainings that attempt to boil things down to a few simplistic techniques.

Conflict communication has its own well-developed philosophy. There is no simple technique that enables us to become more skilled in it. Instead, it is indeed the proper self-management of thoughts, speech, temper, behavior, emotions, and ego that can turn one into an expert.

Some people are more naturally gifted, with a balanced demeanor, and hence naturally better at navigating through situations dealing with escalated, agitated, and angry persons. However, make no mistake; this discipline is very trainable. Each point comes with its own tactics and strategies so that we can turn adversaries into allies and be Creators of Safety.

Dive deeply into this discipline to become a Samurai of mind & mouth. The world needs you.

Until later…

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