There is no Humanity B

Hi All, See this interesting article about how new technology is being created to enable humans to communicate better across species. So we can now look forward to communicating better with honeybees, dolphins, and elephants. It’s all very fascinating. Are there others out there working to create new methods (technological or otherwise) whereby humans can communicate qualitatively better with other humans or with which never … Continue reading There is no Humanity B

Hiring for Healthcare Security

Hi All, Please see this nice post by Alex Goldfayn. How true this is! Hire for attitude, instead of aptitude. As Alex points out, there is training for the latter. For those of us seeking to recruit Contact Professionals into the world of Healthcare Security (a never-ending task and even more challenging in today’s labor landscape), let me add some points. I contribute these for … Continue reading Hiring for Healthcare Security

How to Disagree with Someone more powerful than you

Hi All, Read this excellent article from the Harvard Business Review entitled, How to disagree with someone more powerful than you. Life is brief. Make a difference. You’d better make it now, as your life may be gone any minute. If you don’t speak up (appropriately & effectively) to stop the train wreck, the train may indeed wreck. Ego (that whispers in your ear to … Continue reading How to Disagree with Someone more powerful than you

Become a Samurai of Conflict Communication

All Contact Professionals training/needing to be experts in conflict communication (aka: de-escalation) should immediately notice the validity of all these 6 points (attributed to Morihei Ueshiba). If you don’t, then you’re likely only familiar with less-than-complete, check-the-box type trainings that attempt to boil things down to a few simplistic techniques. Conflict communication has its own well-developed philosophy. There is no simple technique that enables us … Continue reading Become a Samurai of Conflict Communication

Security Theater: Avoid It

Those of us in healthcare security leadership must do our best, based on best practices and industry standards (as well as our own innovative, forward-thinking, ideations) to create safer workplaces. We must both create safety AND help people feel safer. The two sometimes do not arrive together. We may do something very fundamental such as assess an area and then, for instance, based on the … Continue reading Security Theater: Avoid It

Taking Things Too Personally

Hi All, See this quote by Robert Greene: In our own inner turmoil, we tend the exaggerate the negative intentions of our opponents. In general, we take conflicts far too personally. ~ Robert Greene In life, such as the workplace, it is often the case that people presume the worst intentions of others and thus contribute to their very own hostile work environment (in their … Continue reading Taking Things Too Personally

Active Shooters: Upstream work to be done

Hi All, We watch cameras in a Security Operations Center (SOC) to capture footage, hopefully, left of bang, of bad guys planning to do bad things. And it’s good. We should keep it up and indeed we should grow our SOCs into ever more sophisticated centers. Yet, we still, collectively, as a society, are not going far enough upstream to sustainably stop the next active … Continue reading Active Shooters: Upstream work to be done

General Powell’s Perennial Rules

According to me, no leadership library is complete unless crowned with the classic book by General Colin Powell, It Worked for Me (Enhanced Edition): In Life and Leadership. I will go so far as to say that your library is deficient unless this book is present (and, of course, read and absorbed). I was originally gifted this book by a former leader who exemplified the … Continue reading General Powell’s Perennial Rules

Field Marshal Sir Bill Slim on Leadership being not management

Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of personality and vision: its practice is an art. Management is of the mind, more a matter of accurate calculation, of statistics, of methods, timetables and routine; its practice is a science. Managers are necessary; leaders are essential. ~ Field Marshal Sir Bill Slim, Governor General of Australia, 1957 Continue reading Field Marshal Sir Bill Slim on Leadership being not management