Building Better Humans

We’ve written about this before. Sadly, however, we still witness intentions in many industries missing the mark. Don’t get me wrong; they’re well-intentioned efforts. Nonetheless, blind spots keep us mired in less-than-useful thinking that keeps society from evolving (yes, society can indeed evolve). Look for a moment at active assailants/active shooters. The point of impact, the moment of “bang,” is the shooting. We know well, … Continue reading Building Better Humans

How to “Kill” the Hydra-head of Active Shooters

Hi All, Please see this article entitled: Nine dead after California sees three mass shootings in four days in The Guardian.  It’s an article that merely details the most recent mass/active shootings. It is plainly clear that our law enforcement capability has the means to effectively stop a threat, that is, shoot and kill an active shooter.  That’s not questioned.  We have that down, and we … Continue reading How to “Kill” the Hydra-head of Active Shooters