It’s All about the People

Regardless of profession – and ESPECIALLY for the disciplines of Policing, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Healthcare Security, Security, and other Contact Professional disciplines – if you do not understand people well (with an eye toward leaving them better than you found them and not simply “controlling” them), then you’re an amateur. You need to step aside and let Professionals take the reigns, for we have … Continue reading It’s All about the People

Come Home…Humanity

Antix, a rapper from London, wrote Come Home for his brother who suffered from severe mental illness. This song, however, like all good poetry, has many levels, and multi-various meanings to different listeners.  I wonder if listeners will hear that he is speaking directly to humanity herself, in all lands, from all cultures, from all religions, all people, everywhere. When Antix wrote this for his … Continue reading Come Home…Humanity