How to “Kill” the Hydra-head of Active Shooters

Hi All, Please see this article entitled: Nine dead after California sees three mass shootings in four days in The Guardian.  It’s an article that merely details the most recent mass/active shootings. It is plainly clear that our law enforcement capability has the means to effectively stop a threat, that is, shoot and kill an active shooter.  That’s not questioned.  We have that down, and we … Continue reading How to “Kill” the Hydra-head of Active Shooters

SuperHero Ethics & How to Stop Bullets

Many thanks to Robert Cannon, CHSS for sharing the article on LinkedIn which we highlight here. The value of LinkedIn is just kind of collaborative sharing which can potentially help us all. There is a place for a hero-ethic in the American consciousness. It’s actually already there. It’s innate in all of us. It could come alive, and save lives (even if just one). This ethic … Continue reading SuperHero Ethics & How to Stop Bullets

How to Beat Islamic State

Hi Everyone, Please read this article in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s by Maajid Nawaz, a young man who was once an extremist.  He de-radicalized himself through an unusual series of events which included being jailed in Egypt, and freed by Amnesty International. He offers in the article valuable insights into the Islamic extremist mindset, how they gain their successes, and options of how best … Continue reading How to Beat Islamic State