Getting America’s Health “Left of Bang”

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Please see this great post by Dr. Chris DeRienzo. He applied Left of Bang – a seminal book on staying safe, being preemptive with situational awareness, and proactively spotting threats – to the transformation of healthcare and health toward a model that is far more proactive. It’s an amazing post that takes the “left of bang” perspective and very effectively applies to a different discipline (one very important for us all).


Dr. Chris DeRienzo

One major benefit of supporting Mission’s extraordinary Security team is that I’m exposed to books that wouldn’t normally hit my radar.  The most recent example (thanks Robert Whiteside) is Left of Bang by Van Horne and Riley.


In the book’s language “bang” is the explosion of an IED, an active shooter in a hospital, a suicide bomber in a cafe, and so on.  The challenge for soldiers and security leaders alike is to move from a “right of bang” operational mode, where the team reacts as best it can to an already bad outcome, and instead adopt techniques that support a “left of bang” preventative approach.

It’s a terrific read, and teaches fundamental skills that anyone charged with protecting anyone else (a family, a hospital, a country) can use to identify situations heading towards “bang” and intervene to prevent them.

As I’m reading (or more truthfully Audible-ing) the book though…

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