What Boys Look Like: QAnon, the Far Right, and other Extremists

qanon flag

Hi All,

Read this interesting article.

Boys are born; Men are made.

As long as boys continue to NOT grow up with some kind of more selfless purpose and reason for existing (and better yet, serving humanity), they are likely to decompose into minds like those depicted in this article. Parasitized by toxic fantasies of white, violent glory, their minds, kept tiny, will do nothing but circumambulate around fear. Nothing good can come of this.

It is from these kinds of minds that our future active assailants/active shooters will likely be born. In this sense, this brief post is a call to pay attention to these groups, their followers, and their activities as a public safety concern.

Read up on many of these groups and learn just how deep their pathologies sink. Here are just a few. There are more.


The Three Percenters

The Proud Boys

The Oath Keepers

The Boogaloo Movement

Boys are born; Men are made. Make your boys into men.


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