Where is the “Fight” in Active Assailant Response?

Hi All, In my last post, I shared the valuable experience of going through the Active Killer Defense training workshop at the Fit to Fight training center in Charlotte, NC.  I received several responses to that post. Some of the responses against this kind of training included: The skills are perishable and, for normal people who don’t frequently train, a one-time event may not have that much … Continue reading Where is the “Fight” in Active Assailant Response?

Active Killer Defense

Hi All, I recently spent a Saturday in Charlotte, NC training at the very nice Fit to Fight training center.  A colleague and I went through the Active Killer Defense training program led by the very talented Ryan Hoover (and his colleagues). For those of you who train along the FEMA guidelines of Run/Hide/Fight for Active Assailant response, this Active Killer Defense training is a refreshing exposure … Continue reading Active Killer Defense

Orlando Wilson

Hi All, I wanted to share a website/blog that I very much like.  It is operated by Orlando Wilson. The site is: https://cornishprivateer.com It’s an excellent source for training in personal defense, tactical law enforcement/security training, response to terrorist attacks, hostile environment training, kidnap prevention, response to active shooters, tactical handgun training, online security management training courses, and much more.  Go here to read about all that … Continue reading Orlando Wilson

Active Shooter – Become a Sheepdog

  What will you do when an active shooter arrives in your environment? I am of the opinion that the American public are very much sleeping sheep.  While there are some sheepdogs around, it’s not a wise strategy to simply expect others to be one’s sheepdog. Expecting others to be one’s protector is indeed a major characteristic of the American public.  And it’s one of … Continue reading Active Shooter – Become a Sheepdog