Thinking Through Reasonable Approaches to Active Assailant/Shooter Protection Planning

I have seen several companies (which claim to specialize in active assailant/shooter issues) list what they often refer to as pillars of an effective active assailant/shooter protection plan.  I don’t need to mention the names of the companies. This is not about them, but rather the so-called pillars and presumptions surrounding these pillars. The pillars often include: 1). Emergency Action Plan, 2). Active Shooter Training, … Continue reading Thinking Through Reasonable Approaches to Active Assailant/Shooter Protection Planning

Ethical Protection

Hi All, Every human being has the capability of giving ethical protection to every other human being on planet earth.  We can create and maintain a safer, saner, world by being Ethical Protectors of others. To create a safe family, a safe workplace, a safe world, when we witness anything inappropriate, neglectful, abusive, or wrong, we should: 1. Assist our family members, co-workers, and fellow … Continue reading Ethical Protection

The Last Word

  Hi All, Please see this brief article targeted at a leadership audience.  As the author of that article makes clear, getting the last word when involved in a verbal retort with someone is an ego-boost.  The ego, in its drive to be correct, wants the last word, and we often find ourselves doing whatever it takes to get it. For Law Enforcement, Public Safety, … Continue reading The Last Word

Conflict & Your Participation

Hi All, As Wayne Dyer once said: “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” So how are you participating?  What are you doing, for instance, to create a non-escalating environment and/or to de-escalate to bring the environment back to calmness? Are you letting your ego run things so that you continue to need to feel superior to the other person?  If so, you’re elevating the need to … Continue reading Conflict & Your Participation

A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

Hi All, For the Contact Professional, it is vital that s/he gets and maintains rapport with others, all the while remaining physically safe. How do you get a rapport with others, particularly those in crisis? Two things constitute a fundamental baseline and are the very foundation of any non-escalatory and de-escalatory efforts.  With these two things in place, non-escalation and de-escalation efforts will have the … Continue reading A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

America is Missing the Target with Stopping Active Assailants

Hi All, Should we continue to provide people high-quality active assailant training to our staff, to our educators, to our children?  Definitely. Choose a model to train such as the well known FEMA Run-Hide-Fight model and its many variants. Or there is ALICE. Every tactical person and/or organization has their own take on it, their own special emphasis, their own special acronym, their own business … Continue reading America is Missing the Target with Stopping Active Assailants

Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

  Hi All, I recommend this article to all contact professionals.  Whether you are a law enforcement officer, mediator, healthcare professional, politician, or trainer in conflict management/resolution/transformation, you will gain much from this interview with the inimitable author, anthropologist, and negotiation expert, William Ury.  Go here for the interview. William speaks in this interview about the power of the mediator, as witness and catalyst, to … Continue reading Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

Active “Killer”

  Hi All, For the longest time, we have used terms like active shooter and active assailant to describe crimes involving an individual or individuals actively involved in killing other people, often in a random manner, seeking nothing other than to kill as many people as possible. More accurate, however, is the term Active Killer to describe these individuals.  As a precise term, it describes far … Continue reading Active “Killer”