Be a Conscious Change Agent

Everyday we all have the choice to pick the same old path, or to step forth on a new path, probably alone, that actually can make a difference. The world is made by Change Agents. That’s because we are all actually Change Agents. And this is precisely because we all cause changes in the world by how we show up, by how we present ourselves, by how … Continue reading Be a Conscious Change Agent

Happy Father’s Day

  Hi Everyone, If you aren’t already aware of the blog, Art of Manliness, please visit it. You won’t be disappointed. I was today re-reading some posts about Father’s Day, fathering, and, generally, just how to be a better man for those around us. I revisited an article from 2009 entitled Anger Mismanagement.  Go there to read it. It brings to mind how our dedication … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day