Be a Conscious Change Agent

Everyday we all have the choice to pick the same old path, or to step forth on a new path, probably alone, that actually can make a difference.

The world is made by Change Agents. That’s because we are all actually Change Agents. And this is precisely because we all cause changes in the world by how we show up, by how we present ourselves, by how we connect with others, by how we treat others. Day after day after day, we cause changes, sometimes little ones, and sometimes big ones. However, make no mistake; we all cause changes. One can’t live and not influence things.

The question then becomes: How can we become conscious of how we change the world? If we’re just bumping into people everyday, willy nilly, with no conscious path or intent, what are we doing? For me, a major question then becomes: What’s the point of life if we’re just unconsciously running through it from birth to death?

Some people are, of course, Change Agents toward anger and hatred. Who knows if they’re conscious or not about it. We, therefore, need all the Change Agents we can to help all of humankind live better and better lives, that is, if that’s your thing. It is mine.

What keeps us all from being Change Agents in our own sphere of influence? Inertia, laziness, fear, peer pressure, just being comfortable going along to get along? Probably some cocktail of those and other items.

For those who want anything in the world to change, we have to change it.

For those in Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Security, and any profession in which you’re tasked with connecting with people, you have immense power, far, far beyond the relatively simplistic task of enforcement. Yes, I said simplistic. A few people realize this. Most don’t seem to. Perhaps more people do realize it. I would prefer, though, to see it manifest more in the world.

Anger and hatred are signs of weakness, while compassion is a sure sign of strength.

~ The Dalai Lama

It’s funny (not in the ha ha way) that we need significant human beings (e.g, prophets, priests, ministers, poets, etc.) to tell us what leads to genuine strength and what leads away from it. We actually have, right now, all the signposts we need to serve others well and to create an entire human cosmopolis that is in balance and in which all (not just the privileged) humans are cared for in good ways.

The intent of this article is simply to highlight useful ideas to use to create valuable actions (ideas are, literally, made real in this world by human beings living them out physically) with which we can become daily, conscious, Change Agents.

Help your fellow human beings. Be a conscious Change Agent.


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