Building strong, sane, children as a Means to Address the Active Assailant Predicament

  Hi All, Please read this useful article, entitled U.S. Secret Service: 10 warning signs before a school shooting. It’s always useful to study real research on subjects such as the Active Assailant predicament.  Otherwise, fear rules and distorts decision-making and ultimately how we address this serious issue. Note warning sign # 4: “Most attackers had experienced psychological, behavioral or developmental symptoms.” Note warning sign … Continue reading Building strong, sane, children as a Means to Address the Active Assailant Predicament

The Active Assailant Phenomenon Deserves a Full, Sane Approach

Please read this quality article on America’s most recent active shooter event in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Let’s take a fresh look at the kind of attention the active assailant phenomenon deserves.  The measures of addressing this phenomenon ought to address the fullest scope of the issue.  It’s a complicated issue, deserving sophisticated multi-various approaches.  We should, then, go at the issue with many things in … Continue reading The Active Assailant Phenomenon Deserves a Full, Sane Approach

The Big DL & GJT on How to Save the World

Hi All, It’s funny how two seemingly disparate voices can see and speak the same truth. “In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same, and therefore equal. Despite all the characteristics that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and many others – we are all equal in terms of our basic humanity.”  ~ Tenzin Gyatso, … Continue reading The Big DL & GJT on How to Save the World

SuperHero Ethics & How to Stop Bullets

Many thanks to Robert Cannon, CHSS for sharing the article on LinkedIn which we highlight here. The value of LinkedIn is just kind of collaborative sharing which can potentially help us all. There is a place for a hero-ethic in the American consciousness. It’s actually already there. It’s innate in all of us. It could come alive, and save lives (even if just one). This ethic … Continue reading SuperHero Ethics & How to Stop Bullets

Be a Conscious Change Agent

Everyday we all have the choice to pick the same old path, or to step forth on a new path, probably alone, that actually can make a difference. The world is made by Change Agents. That’s because we are all actually Change Agents. And this is precisely because we all cause changes in the world by how we show up, by how we present ourselves, by how … Continue reading Be a Conscious Change Agent

Stand in a Morally Good Stance

Stoicism tells us that a meaningful life isn’t made of wealth or fame, but of a morally good stance toward others. A morally good stance toward others is a life-ethic with which a person, a family, an agency, a department, an organization, a nation, a world, can be transformed into one in which, as the Stoics put it, the entire human cosmopolis (i.e., all of … Continue reading Stand in a Morally Good Stance

Ethical Intervention & Bystander Mobilization for Protection Professionals

  Here I share an article, with some minor changes, that I initially published on LinkedIn. See this important video of a Law Enforcement Officer assaulting a hospital patient.  Click here for the article/video. The important topics of ethical intervention and bystander mobilization are made obvious in the video footage, specifically, by their conspicuous absence. Note how the video came from one Police Officer who … Continue reading Ethical Intervention & Bystander Mobilization for Protection Professionals

Dignity, Respect & Procedural Justice

Treating all persons with dignity and respect is the fundamental ethic of relating to, and behaving toward, other human beings (and indeed all life).  It is also the foundational principle of procedural justice, that is, how Law Enforcement relates to the public it serves, how the quality of this interaction shapes how the public views Law Enforcement, and how the public (more) willingly obeys the … Continue reading Dignity, Respect & Procedural Justice

Ethical Protection

Hi All, Every human being has the capability of giving ethical protection to every other human being on planet earth.  We can create and maintain a safer, saner, world by being Ethical Protectors of others. To create a safe family, a safe workplace, a safe world, when we witness anything inappropriate, neglectful, abusive, or wrong, we should: 1. Assist our family members, co-workers, and fellow … Continue reading Ethical Protection

Come Home…Humanity

Antix, a rapper from London, wrote Come Home for his brother who suffered from severe mental illness. This song, however, like all good poetry, has many levels, and multi-various meanings to different listeners.  I wonder if listeners will hear that he is speaking directly to humanity herself, in all lands, from all cultures, from all religions, all people, everywhere. When Antix wrote this for his … Continue reading Come Home…Humanity