There are no innocent bystanders

There are no innocent bystanders. When wrong-doing occurs in this world, your silence is tacit approval. If you witness inappropriate behavior, wrong behavior, unjust behavior,

  1. Assist others
  2. Fix things
  3. Stop something that is wrong
  4. Mobilize yourself to intervene

It’s not just so-called Protection Professionals who should be adopting a protector mindset. It is equally important for us all, as World Citizens, to walk about planet earth with this mindset.

We make a big deal about folks needing to be raised by parents properly.

We make a big deal about folks needing a driver’s license.

We make a big deal about encouraging ourselves and others to get an education.

All of these are good.

Yet, without expecting and training ourselves to be Ethical Protectors, Ethical Interveners, and Ethical Guardians – of not simply our own tribe but the entire tribe of Humanity – all of the aforementioned important points (and everything else) will not suffice at all to make life worth living. It is humans who make things better and for what actually matters.

Until later…


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