Mobilize Yourself for Others

There are no innocent bystanders. When wrong-doing occurs in your presence, your silence is tacit approval. If you witness inappropriate actions, you must: Assist others. Fix something when it is going wrong. Stop something that is wrong. No matter what, tell the truth. LIFE needs people who adopt a protector mindset. One does NOT need to be a Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Security Officer, … Continue reading Mobilize Yourself for Others

Look Behind the Anger (and other emotions)

When dealing with others (loved ones, co-workers, customers, C Suite executives, absolutely anyone), it’s very useful, indeed vital, to see as they see. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them. It matters, however, that you strive to see matters as they see them. This is empathy. Don’t confuse empathy with sympathy (many people do); the two are different. When dealing with someone who is … Continue reading Look Behind the Anger (and other emotions)

For the Love of Humanity, Communicate Well

See this excellent post from Shane Parrish. His thoughts and observations are highly recommended for all who wish to explore things off the beaten path. When we communicate with another person, and we disagree with them, particularly about some sensitive and/or emotion-provoking subject, we may be inclined to then label the person as “stupid,” “ignorant,” “backward,” etc. We then mentally exile them and view them … Continue reading For the Love of Humanity, Communicate Well

Distraction is Dangerous

I ask that you reflect upon how many (some might say most) modern human beings are far worse at reading the body language of their fellow human beings than our ancient ancestors. Why? Because we are distracted by words. We place such a high importance on what others verbally say, while we overlook what their bodies are non-verbally saying. We are distracting ourselves (by an … Continue reading Distraction is Dangerous

REspect All Persons…Always

Dr. George Thompson, creator of Verbal Judo, identified (and gave a name to) just this practice of professionally given “REspect” (his unique spelling) to distinguish it from the commonly known form of earned “respect.” This is one of the many tools, tactics, practices, and strategies that he contributed to the world of Conflict Communication. His pioneering work forms the foundation of many Conflict Communication programs … Continue reading REspect All Persons…Always

De-Escalate This Person First

See this valuable article over at Police1. The points therein are all fundamental to all high-quality Conflict Communication training. So often overlooked in Conflict Communication training is the fact that the most important person to keep non-escalated, and to de-escalate as necessary, is oneself. All success sits on this fact. Leaders, pay attention to this. If you have on your force an Officer Schitzstorm (thank … Continue reading De-Escalate This Person First

Vehicle Stops are People Stops: When you train for one, you train for both

Hi All, See this article over at Police1. Note that the same de-escalation (and hopefully non-escalation as well) tactics taught for the purpose of making vehicle pursuits as safe (physically, legally, emotionally, and otherwise) as possible are (should be) the same as keeping any people-stops safe, namely self/attitude management, nimble judgment & decision-making skills, all the while maintaining awareness of the need for immediate violence … Continue reading Vehicle Stops are People Stops: When you train for one, you train for both

Seek to Ethically Serve & Protect (being unconcerned what your ego wishes to be called)

Hi All, See, read, and consider the points in this article entitled: Why we are warriors, guardians and ambassadors. Let’s keep this brief. Self-identify yourself as whatever you’d like…Guardian, Protector, Ambassador, Warrior, as long as what you DO (which is far more significant than what you say) includes: Gladdening the heart of human beings (this can be achieved in innumerable ways), Feeding the hungry (be … Continue reading Seek to Ethically Serve & Protect (being unconcerned what your ego wishes to be called)

Build Better Humans to Really, Truly Address Active Shooter Incidents

Hi All, See this article. It highlights the value of creating and leveraging technology to help prevent and respond to tragic occurrences such as active assailant events. Using technology to support prevention and response to active assailant incidents is a good thing. Let’s keep up our efforts there. No argument here. However, we need more in-depth, effective, mitigative work to take place way upstream of … Continue reading Build Better Humans to Really, Truly Address Active Shooter Incidents