Incivility in Healthcare is here to stay: Knowing this, let’s get busy facing it

Greetings, See this brief article that highlights the challenges in healthcare with incivility, aggression, and violence from patients and visitors. It was shared and highlighted on LinkedIn by some of my Healthcare Security Leadership colleagues. COVID and the associated stress (e.g., surrounding tightened visitor restrictions) have certainly added to incivility, aggression, and violence coming into our hospitals. And yet, incivility, aggression, and violence were indeed … Continue reading Incivility in Healthcare is here to stay: Knowing this, let’s get busy facing it

A Tribute to Dr. Paul Farmer from a Healthcare Security Leader

In this world there are examples of human beings who are inspiring. One such person was Dr. Paul Farmer, Anthropologist, Physician, and Humanitarian. Dr. Farmer has been an inspiration to me for a long time. I work daily as a Healthcare Security Leader. Some might think that this is a profession very distinct from the role of a global health advocate and physician. Perhaps, if … Continue reading A Tribute to Dr. Paul Farmer from a Healthcare Security Leader

Healthcare cannot be a Ship in the Ocean

I again highly recommend the writings of Shane Parrish. His exploration of mental models and related topics are some of the best available anywhere. Go here to read for yourself. Read this recent post on LinkedIn wherein Shane refers to passive stability and active stability. Shane begins by mentioning: “A ship in the ocean is passively stable. The captain can take a nap, the power … Continue reading Healthcare cannot be a Ship in the Ocean

Mobilize Yourself for Others

There are no innocent bystanders. When wrong-doing occurs in your presence, your silence is tacit approval. If you witness inappropriate actions, you must: Assist others. Fix something when it is going wrong. Stop something that is wrong. No matter what, tell the truth. LIFE needs people who adopt a protector mindset. One does NOT need to be a Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Security Officer, … Continue reading Mobilize Yourself for Others

Look Behind the Anger (and other emotions)

When dealing with others (loved ones, co-workers, customers, C Suite executives, absolutely anyone), it’s very useful, indeed vital, to see as they see. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them. It matters, however, that you strive to see matters as they see them. This is empathy. Don’t confuse empathy with sympathy (many people do); the two are different. When dealing with someone who is … Continue reading Look Behind the Anger (and other emotions)

Smile to Create Safety

There’s nothing quite as unprofessional and banal as the Law Enforcement Officer, Police Officer, Public Safety Official, Healthcare Security Officer, Security Officer, or other Contact Professional who (wrongly) presumes that a stern outer appearance is an effective way to greet others. It’s not. A stern outer facial expression, often accompanied by an unfriendly, overly-directive tone of voice, and accompanying, unfriendly, body language is not helpful. … Continue reading Smile to Create Safety

It’s All about the People

Regardless of profession – and ESPECIALLY for the disciplines of Policing, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Healthcare Security, Security, and other Contact Professional disciplines – if you do not understand people well (with an eye toward leaving them better than you found them and not simply “controlling” them), then you’re an amateur. You need to step aside and let Professionals take the reigns, for we have … Continue reading It’s All about the People