Mobilize Yourself for Others

There are no innocent bystanders. When wrong-doing occurs in your presence, your silence is tacit approval. If you witness inappropriate actions, you must:

  1. Assist others.
  2. Fix something when it is going wrong.
  3. Stop something that is wrong.
  4. No matter what, tell the truth.

LIFE needs people who adopt a protector mindset. One does NOT need to be a Police Officer, Law Enforcement Officer, Security Officer, etc. to be an Ethical Protector. Not at all. Indeed, those professions have absolutely nothing to do with this subject (though those in these occupations often think this applies primarily to them).

Having more Ethical Protectors mixed in among all settings is how life on earth is made whole, made better, made saner, and kept alive. Alive doesn’t simply mean physically alive. If emotional and spiritual wellness is not present, physical aliveness alone is insufficient for life on earth to be worth much.

Let more people sincerely say, and act on:

Others are safer because of my presence.

Until later…

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