Where is Safety?

Where is safety?

In the Verbal Defense & Influence program, we speak of P.O.L.E.  This is an acronym which addresses the full spectrum of safety: Physical, Organizational, Legal, and Emotional.

I’ve noticed that sometimes people get locked up around the subject of physical safety.  Many times, people presume that they are safe once they have some kind of tool in their hands, that is, pepper spray, a baton, a cell phone, a firearm.  Many times, however, it can be just the opposite.  Once they have a tool, they fall asleep, in reference to being awake, aware, and alert, with well-developed situational awareness. 

Colonel Jeff Cooper puts it perfectly, however, when he said:

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.

How do you maintain personal safety?

What is your default method?

How do you share this with family members and loved ones?

2 thoughts on “Where is Safety?

  1. Robert,


    This is Gary Klugiewicz.

    This is a very important observation. In the words of Chuck Remsberg, one of the founders of the Street Survival Seminars, your three most powerful weapons are your mind, mouth, and body. You may not have any weapons / tools but you are never unarmed – unless you choose not to use them effectively.

    Keep up the great work.

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  2. Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your visit and sharing these very significant words/teachings of Chuck Remsberg. So very important!



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