Active “Killer”

  Hi All, For the longest time, we have used terms like active shooter and active assailant to describe crimes involving an individual or individuals actively involved in killing other people, often in a random manner, seeking nothing other than to kill as many people as possible. More accurate, however, is the term Active Killer to describe these individuals.  As a precise term, it describes far … Continue reading Active “Killer”

Left of Bang

Hi Everyone! Several members of my team and I just completed a webinar with Patrick Van Horne, author of the highly recommended Left of Bang.  It was an hour well spent. During the webinar, Patrick covered what he termed “assessing universal and uncontrollable aspects of nonverbal behavior.”  These include clusters of behaviors where people will fall into one of four groupings: Dominant, Submissive, Comfortable, or … Continue reading Left of Bang

Where is Safety?

Where is safety? In the Verbal Defense & Influence program, we speak of P.O.L.E.  This is an acronym which addresses the full spectrum of safety: Physical, Organizational, Legal, and Emotional. I’ve noticed that sometimes people get locked up around the subject of physical safety.  Many times, people presume that they are safe once they have some kind of tool in their hands, that is, pepper … Continue reading Where is Safety?