How Bad Do You Want It?

Please watch the inspirational video below.  I’ve watched it many times, particularly when I find myself in wanting a shot of inspiration to work out better, to work out harder.

Note, though, that the inspiration is useful for absolutely endeavor in life, whether it be to work out harder, to not give up during hard family times, and even to transform one’s ability to manage conflict.

Managing conflict is something which is at the root of all human accomplishments.   Get better at communication and managing disagreement, and virtually any initiative improves.  It’s a great example of the 80-20 Rule (also known as the Pareto Principle).  Focus on what is present in, and vital for, any human activity, and the activity benefits.

In our opinion, the world needs far more focus on what really matters.  For us, this is about getting along well with others, moving through disagreement effectively, and coming out on the other side better off.

How bad, though, do you want to get along with others? Information won’t effect change.   Insight alone won’t effect change.  An intense burning desire to effect change, the will to make it happen, above everything else, is what will bring it about.

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