I Miss the Sun

Hi Everyone,

Dr. George Thompson, the creator of Verbal Judo, taught that all people want to be treated with dignity and respect.  This is a universal truth, applicable in all cultures, for all people, in all times, regardless of circumstances.

Many of us work in the world of conflict management, seeking to promote harmony in a chosen environment on a daily basis. Let’s not forget, however, that there are people everywhere, in great need, who seek dignity and respect.  They are not just the people in our workplace, in our home, and in our society.  All people, in all workplaces, in all homes, in all societies, need and deserve dignity and respect.

All people, everywhere, in every walk of life, on every square foot of the planet, seek dignity and respect.  You can see it in their eyes; you can hear it in their voices; and you can see it in their bodies.

I share this today after recently listening to someone throw all people from the middle east under the bus. Really?  They’re different from us? How?  In what way?

Perhaps it is our beliefs about people different from us which need to change.  Maybe it’s our fear of people different from us which need to change.  Fear does much to muck up human affairs.

Watch this brief video below by the very talented Marieke van der Velden about refugees from Syria. They’re human beings, just like us, now in a time of crisis.

Is it possible to be able to apply Dr. Thompson’s Universal Truths to help people everywhere?  Yes, it is.

Indeed, what are we doing if we’re only helping our own people (whatever “our own” means)?  If we’re not helping everyone, who are we helping?

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