The Big DL & GJT on How to Save the World

Hi All, It’s funny how two seemingly disparate voices can see and speak the same truth. “In our quest for happiness and the avoidance of suffering, we are all fundamentally the same, and therefore equal. Despite all the characteristics that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and many others – we are all equal in terms of our basic humanity.”  ~ Tenzin Gyatso, … Continue reading The Big DL & GJT on How to Save the World

Dignity, Respect & Procedural Justice

Treating all persons with dignity and respect is the fundamental ethic of relating to, and behaving toward, other human beings (and indeed all life).  It is also the foundational principle of procedural justice, that is, how Law Enforcement relates to the public it serves, how the quality of this interaction shapes how the public views Law Enforcement, and how the public (more) willingly obeys the … Continue reading Dignity, Respect & Procedural Justice

A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

Hi All, For the Contact Professional, it is vital that s/he gets and maintains rapport with others, all the while remaining physically safe. How do you get a rapport with others, particularly those in crisis? Two things constitute a fundamental baseline and are the very foundation of any non-escalatory and de-escalatory efforts.  With these two things in place, non-escalation and de-escalation efforts will have the … Continue reading A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

Rules, Without a Relationship, Lead to Rebellion

Hi Everyone. A post I wrote was recently published on the high quality Vistelar blog.  Go there to find posts on every aspect of conflict management. In this recent post, entitled Rules, Without a Relationship, Lead to Rebellion, I spoke about something a lady shared with me.  It was a powerful phrase that conveys the great importance of treating everyone with dignity by showing them … Continue reading Rules, Without a Relationship, Lead to Rebellion

I Miss the Sun

Hi Everyone, Dr. George Thompson, the creator of Verbal Judo, taught that all people want to be treated with dignity and respect.  This is a universal truth, applicable in all cultures, for all people, in all times, regardless of circumstances. Many of us work in the world of conflict management, seeking to promote harmony in a chosen environment on a daily basis. Let’s not forget, … Continue reading I Miss the Sun