Predator Mind Tricks

Hi Everyone, I highly recommend to go check out the Staying Safe Self Defense blog by Chris Pendas. It’s an excellent site!

See this post. It includes many valuable points on staying safe and identifying the game of predators who seek to charm or blitz you.


You might be feeling a little foolish that I guessed the shapes you chose or maybe thinking I can’t be THAT predictable can I? Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. I set it up that way. I’ll get to that later in the post, but first we need to establish why this is important and how it applies to your safety.

The model that I use to categorize predators comes from Rory Miller. As I wrote in my Intro to Violence post, there are two categories: Resource and Process. Check out Rory’s book, Facing Violence, for more details on both. For this post, I’m going to discuss how they use social dynamics to manipulate us.

If a predator is trying to manipulate you, that individual has already chosen you as a target and has moved into the attack phase. There are two ways that this can go down. The predator will…

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