What Should We Do about ISIS?


Hi All,

I wanted to share this valuable article from Medium, authored by David Swan.

Like me, many of you want to figure out how to resolve the ISIS issue, finding a solution to this growing terroristic network.

David raises many good points, speaking frankly (of which we need more from everyone), from his own experiences.  This article doesn’t necessarily answer the question of how to solve ISIS, though it does lead us to what is not working, and why.  He identifies, and explains, 3 popular options proposed by people: 1. Screw ’em, 2. Nuke ’em, and 3. Kick their ass.

Please read it, and consider its points.  Your feedback is welcome.

Do what you can to make this world safer for others, now and for generations to come.

Go to the article from above or click here.


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