What Should We Do about ISIS?

Hi All, I wanted to share this valuable article from Medium, authored by David Swan. Like me, many of you want to figure out how to resolve the ISIS issue, finding a solution to this growing terroristic network. David raises many good points, speaking frankly (of which we need more from everyone), from his own experiences.  This article doesn’t necessarily answer the question of how to solve … Continue reading What Should We Do about ISIS?

How to Beat Islamic State

Hi Everyone, Please read this article in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s by Maajid Nawaz, a young man who was once an extremist.  He de-radicalized himself through an unusual series of events which included being jailed in Egypt, and freed by Amnesty International. He offers in the article valuable insights into the Islamic extremist mindset, how they gain their successes, and options of how best … Continue reading How to Beat Islamic State

Active Shooter – Become a Sheepdog

  What will you do when an active shooter arrives in your environment? I am of the opinion that the American public are very much sleeping sheep.  While there are some sheepdogs around, it’s not a wise strategy to simply expect others to be one’s sheepdog. Expecting others to be one’s protector is indeed a major characteristic of the American public.  And it’s one of … Continue reading Active Shooter – Become a Sheepdog

Paris Attacks – World, will you act?

There’s much that can be said about the recent Paris attacks.  There’s much that needs to be said. Really, though, what is more important than saying things (anyone can say anything) is to take action on all the many realities that this attack brings alive. Please see this article.  It’s not definitive.  It does, though, contain thought-points which can be  – and should be – … Continue reading Paris Attacks – World, will you act?