Stand in a Morally Good Stance

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As America continues to destabilize herself, with too many people retreating into divisive camps based on skin color, religion, politics, etc., it’s important to remember that there is a deeper, higher path available to all of us.  This path is accessible through many portals, though I approach it here through a particular one.

A primary characteristic of this path is that it is opposite of the path way too common nowadays that is typified by the superficialization of human awareness and which contributes to a dwarfing of what it means to be a human being.

Stoicism tells us that a meaningful life isn’t made of wealth or fame, but of a morally good stance toward others.

A morally good stance toward others is a life-ethic with which a person, a family, an agency, a department, an organization, a nation, a world, can be transformed into one in which, as the Stoics put it, the entire human cosmopolis (i.e., all of humanity) is helped.  Note that it is the entire human cosmopolis, and not simply one small portion of it.

Stand in a good way, toward, and for, others.  Everything else follows.


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    1. Dear Sonya,

      I agree. It is quite simple. I ask the same question often.

      Thank you for your visit!

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