Left of Bang

Hi Everyone! Several members of my team and I just completed a webinar with Patrick Van Horne, author of the highly recommended Left of Bang.  It was an hour well spent. During the webinar, Patrick covered what he termed “assessing universal and uncontrollable aspects of nonverbal behavior.”  These include clusters of behaviors where people will fall into one of four groupings: Dominant, Submissive, Comfortable, or … Continue reading Left of Bang

The 10/5/2 Rule of Threat Assessment

Everyone please check out this very useful Vistelar post from Dave Young wherein he explains the exceptionally useful 10/5/2 Rule of Threat Assessment.  You can click above to get to the article, and the link is also listed at the bottom of this post. I’ve recently been sharing this Rule with nursing staff.  Home Care nursing staff find this particularly powerful, as it – along … Continue reading The 10/5/2 Rule of Threat Assessment