Let There Be Peace on Earth

Keep Calm and Care for Others

Hi All,

In this season of Christmas, people often talk of love, peace, and harmony. There used to be a time that I believed in it, that is, people’s talk.  Now that time has passed.

Now I look simply for one thing…action.  People either do what they can, no matter how small, to care for others, all others, or they don’t. Actions speak; words veil.

This re-blogging of a post from Tumblr is, especially for this blog, very warm and fuzzy, even very “spiritual.”  And perhaps it is.

This nice Tumblr post speaks, though, to truths which we seek, as Contact Professionals, to enable, to activate, in others – in moments of crisis – to help resolve things, make things safer for everyone, and leave people better than we found them.  Obviously, these same truths can be used in every single moment of life, whether it’s a moment of so-called conflict or otherwise.

Notice how the Tumblr post notes how peace begins with us. That’s the secret, according to me, of all great conflict management and peace-making. We can only give what we have.  A lot of improvement in conflict management can occur, then, if one seeks to cultivate the ground of one’s own being.  This is where the main subjects of this blog (conflict management & sustainable solutions to violence) certainly dovetail into what one may term “spiritual.”

Peace out.

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