Let There Be Peace on Earth

Hi All, In this season of Christmas, people often talk of love, peace, and harmony. There used to be a time that I believed in it, that is, people’s talk.  Now that time has passed. Now I look simply for one thing…action.  People either do what they can, no matter how small, to care for others, all others, or they don’t. Actions speak; words veil. … Continue reading Let There Be Peace on Earth

The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality

Please see the video below wherein Jack Hoban tells “The Hunting Story.”  It’s powerful, and conveys lessons about how central dignity and respect are to all human beings.  He speaks here to the Life Value. What do you get from this powerful story, and how can it be applied in your life and work? Continue reading The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality

The 3rd Side

Hi Everyone, Please sit with this TED talk. We like it a lot.  It connects with our interests in how conflict management – whether it involves a volatile patient in a healthcare setting, an agitated family member, a person about to be arrested by a law enforcement officer, or an international, geopolitical dispute – shares common elements, regardless of setting. At the beginning of this … Continue reading The 3rd Side