Taking Things Too Personally

Hi All, See this quote by Robert Greene: In our own inner turmoil, we tend the exaggerate the negative intentions of our opponents. In general, we take conflicts far too personally. ~ Robert Greene In life, such as the workplace, it is often the case that people presume the worst intentions of others and thus contribute to their very own hostile work environment (in their … Continue reading Taking Things Too Personally

REspect All Persons…Always

Dr. George Thompson, creator of Verbal Judo, identified (and gave a name to) just this practice of professionally given “REspect” (his unique spelling) to distinguish it from the commonly known form of earned “respect.” This is one of the many tools, tactics, practices, and strategies that he contributed to the world of Conflict Communication. His pioneering work forms the foundation of many Conflict Communication programs … Continue reading REspect All Persons…Always

Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

  Hi All, I recommend this article to all contact professionals.  Whether you are a law enforcement officer, mediator, healthcare professional, politician, or trainer in conflict management/resolution/transformation, you will gain much from this interview with the inimitable author, anthropologist, and negotiation expert, William Ury.  Go here for the interview. William speaks in this interview about the power of the mediator, as witness and catalyst, to … Continue reading Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

Positive Public Safety: 5 Lines Every Public Safety Professional Can Use to Keep the Peace

Hi Everyone! Please see below this very nice video from Gary Klugiewicz at Vistelar.  He describes 5 lines every Public Safety Professional can use to keep the peace. Note the intentional, skillful use of language and respect that he describes, all of which will minimize conflict, and maximize your opportunities to generate in the other person voluntary compliance, cooperation, or collaboration. Vistelar offers the very … Continue reading Positive Public Safety: 5 Lines Every Public Safety Professional Can Use to Keep the Peace

Let There Be Peace on Earth

Hi All, In this season of Christmas, people often talk of love, peace, and harmony. There used to be a time that I believed in it, that is, people’s talk.  Now that time has passed. Now I look simply for one thing…action.  People either do what they can, no matter how small, to care for others, all others, or they don’t. Actions speak; words veil. … Continue reading Let There Be Peace on Earth