Chief Harry Dolan’s 24 Hour Rule

Hi Everyone, Please go here (link also listed below) to read a great Vistelar post by Gary Klugiewicz about Harry Dolan’s 24 Hour Rule.  I concur with what Coach Bob Lindsey says in his comment.  The 24 Rule is so very helpful, and so very useful, in helping us to manage ourselves in both our professional and personal lives. If you haven’t yet visited the … Continue reading Chief Harry Dolan’s 24 Hour Rule

What is Your Plan?

  I like this video teaching quite a lot. Please watch as Coach Bob Lindsey explains about how to listen effectively to another person, with empathy, and with the aim of understanding the person. Evident in what he shares here is a pre-practiced, planned method by which we can manage communicating with other people, particularly when we wish for the communication to be effective, respectful, and … Continue reading What is Your Plan?