De-Escalate This Person First

See this valuable article over at Police1. The points therein are all fundamental to all high-quality Conflict Communication training. So often overlooked in Conflict Communication training is the fact that the most important person to keep non-escalated, and to de-escalate as necessary, is oneself. All success sits on this fact. Leaders, pay attention to this. If you have on your force an Officer Schitzstorm (thank … Continue reading De-Escalate This Person First

Body Language Blunders that may Worsen Conflict

Hi All, I am regular reader of the articles on Dr. Travis Bradberry.  He is a prolific writer on the subject of Emotional Intelligence.  Most of his articles come out regularly through LinkedIn.  Look him up! Here is one of his articles entitled Body Language Blunders That Can Make You Look Bad.  It’s worth reading.  Let’s examine each of the points he addresses in this … Continue reading Body Language Blunders that may Worsen Conflict