For the Love of Humanity, Communicate Well

See this excellent post from Shane Parrish. His thoughts and observations are highly recommended for all who wish to explore things off the beaten path.

When we communicate with another person, and we disagree with them, particularly about some sensitive and/or emotion-provoking subject, we may be inclined to then label the person as “stupid,” “ignorant,” “backward,” etc. We then mentally exile them and view them as not worthy of being listened to.

I propose for your consideration that, if/when we do this, we are furthering a mode of communication that is, literally, not sustainable if we wish to contribute to the furtherance of human presence and survival on planet earth. This is no exaggeration.

This is the reason (among other reasons) why all wise teachers (who we all know), from all cultures, taught, embodied, and advocated for empathic, kind communication. It’s because it’s effective, minimizes opportunities for conflict (whether between loved ones or politicians), and maximizes the creation of peace (in family, organizations, nations, and the world). It keeps humans connected in a way by which they don’t end up framing each other as adversaries and, instead, see and feel each other more as allies and co-citizens of this World.

Until later…

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