Distraction is Dangerous

I ask that you reflect upon how many (some might say most) modern human beings are far worse at reading the body language of their fellow human beings than our ancient ancestors. Why? Because we are distracted by words. We place such a high importance on what others verbally say, while we overlook what their bodies are non-verbally saying. We are distracting ourselves (by an over-emphasis of, and excessive attention to, what is verbally said), for instance, from body language that is not in congruence with words and tone of voice and thus may be vital information telling us that a person is not being honest, is potentially dangerous, or is otherwise not what they are saying they are.

I am not saying that words are not important. I am saying (yes, I’m saying it with words!), however, that, if we actually wish to know what our fellow humans are really saying, then we have to pay attention to ALL of what they communicatively show us and not just a portion of it.

Ignore the words (in a conscious way); watch the body.

You’ll be safer and/or, at least, have more information on which to base things because you pick up on information NOT found in the words, information letting you know, for example:

  1. The person may be dangerous (though they are charming you with their words).
  2. The person may be sad (but hesitant to more fully open up).
  3. The person may be pronouncing that they are happy (but their body is saying otherwise).
  4. The person is is saying, “No, I didn’t take that item,” though their body is saying, “I’m guilty.”

The list goes on.

Don’t be fooled by words; they are used, not just to communicate, but also to cover up feelings, camouflage intent, and disguise motive.

Watch the body; it exposes truths.

Be safe.

Until later…

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