Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution: Common Elements

Please see the article, Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips from the Greats.

As I was reading it, it became apparent just how many common elements are shared between good public speaking and quality conflict minimization/resolution.

Note the section about anxiety, and how we may harness it by accepting and working with it, instead of letting it harness us. In Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI), we talk about the actionable concept of Showtime.  With Showtime, we stack our blocks, manage our breathing, monitor our internal self-talk (keeping it positive), and make sure that we’re showing our professionals face.  Showtime can be used when managing conflict or when preparing to step in front of an audience.  Check out Gary Klugiewicz’s post here where he addresses Showtime.  Make sure and what the video in his post.

Note the section in the article about connecting with one’s audience.  We do just this when managing conflict by using LEAPS: Listen, Empathize, Ask questions, Paraphrase, and Summarize.  Again, a common element shared by both good public speakers and quality Contact Professionals.

Of course, the section in the article about body language is clearly shared by both public speaking and conflict resolution. Communication through the spoken word is a small part of the picture.  Body language rules!

I could continue, but please read the article, as it shares more useful information on how we may grow as Contact Professionals charged with minimizing conflict and resolving it where we can.  Other points are covered such as the use of humor and, overall, just being mindfully in touch with one’s precision word choice (check out Jill Weisensel’s post & video here about precision word choice), body language, and communication style.

This is well worth reading and following up on whether one needs to speak public or manage conflict.

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