De-Escalate This Person First

See this valuable article over at Police1. The points therein are all fundamental to all high-quality Conflict Communication training. So often overlooked in Conflict Communication training is the fact that the most important person to keep non-escalated, and to de-escalate as necessary, is oneself. All success sits on this fact. Leaders, pay attention to this. If you have on your force an Officer Schitzstorm (thank … Continue reading De-Escalate This Person First

Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

  Hi All, I recommend this article to all contact professionals.  Whether you are a law enforcement officer, mediator, healthcare professional, politician, or trainer in conflict management/resolution/transformation, you will gain much from this interview with the inimitable author, anthropologist, and negotiation expert, William Ury.  Go here for the interview. William speaks in this interview about the power of the mediator, as witness and catalyst, to … Continue reading Our Responsibility as Global Human Beings

Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

    Hi All! Here continues the Rollcall Wisdom featuring Chief Harry Dolan. Please see this video below wherein Chief Harry Dolan, former Raleigh, NC Police Chief, speaks about the essential definition of a Law Enforcement Officer.  It is his opinion of this definition, and it is one with which I wholeheartedly agree. There is still an ongoing debate where Law Enforcement Officers make arguments … Continue reading Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

Muhammad Ali: A True Human Being

Hi All, Muhammad Ali is now physically gone.  He has died. Yes, he was a boxer.  He was an impeccable boxer!  But is that how he is remembered now? No, he is not remembered as “just” a boxer.  He is also not remembered as being “just” a person.  No…rather, he is remembered as having been a human being, a man of character, with immense moral … Continue reading Muhammad Ali: A True Human Being

Rollcall Wisdom – The 24 Hour Rule

Hi All, Please see below this outstanding video teaching wherein Chief Harry Dolan speaks about the value of the 24-Hour Rule. I have personally used this rule, and seen for myself how using it can increase your professionalism, decrease unnecessary stress, and avoid saying or doing things which later can prove to be emotionally or legally problematic.  It is a very practical rule which will … Continue reading Rollcall Wisdom – The 24 Hour Rule

Bystander rushes to aid shot Ky. Officer

Hi Everyone! Please see this article over at It shows an altercation between a man stopped for a traffic stop and a Police Officer.  The man ended up shooting the Officer several times, wounding him in the arm. Watch the video.  It’s the Officer body camera.  Listen to the interaction. I’m less concerned about the tactics involved (though do pay attention to the relatively … Continue reading Bystander rushes to aid shot Ky. Officer

Positive Public Safety: 5 Lines Every Public Safety Professional Can Use to Keep the Peace

Hi Everyone! Please see below this very nice video from Gary Klugiewicz at Vistelar.  He describes 5 lines every Public Safety Professional can use to keep the peace. Note the intentional, skillful use of language and respect that he describes, all of which will minimize conflict, and maximize your opportunities to generate in the other person voluntary compliance, cooperation, or collaboration. Vistelar offers the very … Continue reading Positive Public Safety: 5 Lines Every Public Safety Professional Can Use to Keep the Peace

Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Hi All, Please see this post over at the Vistelar blog. It references a Radio Health Journal audio post regarding violence against healthcare workers. I have worked in law enforcement, and then later, in healthcare security management.  I have seen the atmosphere in hospitals change dramatically in the last approximate 5 years.  At one time, violence in a hospital was relatively rare. People treated hospitals … Continue reading Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Sufism (The Good Guys): An Antidote to ISIS?

Hi All, In Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI), we speak about the importance of the social contract of a group of people, whether this group is a family, an organization, or even a nation.  When I study social contracts, what becomes evident is that, in nations, social contracts are overturned, sometimes by necessity, to save lives and to improve the quality of everyone’s life. ISIS is … Continue reading Sufism (The Good Guys): An Antidote to ISIS?

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

Hi Everyone.  I’m reblogging an outstanding post by none other than Gary Klugiewicz from Vistelar.  Go over to the high quality Vistelar blog and read this article, entitled, Keeping Yourself and Others Safe.   Gary shares a great article which raises so many points about the public, about Public Safety officials, about media, and about our overall social contract. Go there and check it out.  Let … Continue reading Keeping Yourself and Others Safe