Skill Acquisition in Conflict Management

Zen Archery II

Hi All,

I invite you to read this post published over at the Vistelar blog.  It references a good article over at the nice SOFREP website (news and analysis you can trust from military veterans) about skill acquisition.

Acquiring, building, honing, and maintaining skills in conflict management is important to us all.  Many times, we think of physical skill development such as martial arts skills, defensive tactics, and weapons.  I certainly do!

Our verbal skills are, however, also part of our overall psycho-motor skillset in conflict management. These skills can, and should, be trained just like one learns any other psycho-motor skill.  Indeed, developing, practicing, and drilling one’s verbal skills will only enhance one’s ability to move adroitly through all levels of conflict management.

Read the Vistelar post, the SOFREP article, and let us know what you think!

Be safe!

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