Rollcall Wisdom – The 24 Hour Rule

Roll Call

Hi All,

Please see below this outstanding video teaching wherein Chief Harry Dolan speaks about the value of the 24-Hour Rule.

I have personally used this rule, and seen for myself how using it can increase your professionalism, decrease unnecessary stress, and avoid saying or doing things which later can prove to be emotionally or legally problematic.  It is a very practical rule which will immediately increase your performance and professional presence.

I first learned of the many Harry Dolan Rules through my exposure to the discipline of Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI).  In addition to the video below, see this post on the Vistelar/VDI blog about Chief Dolan’s 24-Hour Rule.

I had the privilege of participating in a whole day of Chief Dolan’s teachings at an IAHSS conference.  His presentation was one of the most interesting, engaging, and enthusiastic presentations I’ve ever experienced.  If you ever have the chance to meet this man, take the opportunity.  The teachings on a professional service ethic and verbal defusing are amazing.

On an associated note, if you have any interest in building your skills as a teacher (of any subject), go and witness Harry Dolan in action.  His enthusiastic style of presenting is amazing.

Please stay tuned for more of these “Rules” from Harry Dolan.



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