Muhammad Ali: A True Human Being


Hi All,

Muhammad Ali is now physically gone.  He has died.

Yes, he was a boxer.  He was an impeccable boxer!  But is that how he is remembered now? No, he is not remembered as “just” a boxer.  He is also not remembered as being “just” a person.  No…rather, he is remembered as having been a human being, a man of character, with immense moral fiber.

A person and a human being are not necessarily the same.  We are all born, in various lands, and into various religions, as persons.  Who actually, though, through trial, effort, and grace, is molded into a human being?  Who among us becomes a true human being?  I would argue that Muhammad Ali is an example of a true human being.

Character is important for all people, in all lands, in all eras. Character makes or breaks an individual.  The collective character of a society determines its vision and its place in the world.

In the news nowadays, we see people rising to ascendancy – perhaps in our organizations, our nations, or world – in whom developed character appears to be conspicuously absent. Let’s not emulate them. Let’s also not follow them.

It’s far better to look at what a person can become by looking at the life of a great man like Muhammad Ali.  Please do take the time to read this very nice article by Thomas Hauser in the Guardian News.  It exposes the real man of which not enough people know.  Please read it.


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