The Dangers of Hypervigilance


Hi All,

Please read this article from the folks over at

Note the casual mention of item # 8 and item # 9.  And be very aware that you’re not simply giving those items a casual glance as you unthinkingly move quickly onto the other items.

When you spot those (item # 8 and item # 9) in your life, be very (very) cautious, for hypervigilance (with its many well-documented dangers) is close to you.  If you care about yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your fellow Protection Professional colleagues (Law Enforcement, Police, Security, etc.), take action.

Do not underestimate the power of hypervigilance to dramatically and negatively impact your life.  The culture of Policing is conducive to the presence of hypervigilance.

Read the quality book by Kevin M. Gilmartin, Ph.D (linked also above).



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