Being a Change Agent in Law Enforcement (or Security, Public Safety, any role)

Change Agent

Hi All,

Please read this brief article from the folks at

It’s always important to ask the right question.

I propose for consideration that the primary question is NOT: How will being a Police Officer, Security Officer, Public Safety Officer (any role) change me?  The primary question should instead be: How can *I* change what it means to be a Police Officer, Security Officer, Public Safety Officer, any role?  Specifically, how can I transform MY service in my agency into an act which is not simply about locking people up or just the criminal justice system, but rather about strict ethicality, transforming communities and organizations into ones which are more peaceful and harmonious, and in which there are ever-brightening relations between ALL people?

We need Changes Agents in Policing, Law Enforcement, Security, Public Safety, etc. just as we do in any other profession, that is, if we think it’s a profession that has the potential to actually make the world a better place.  I, for one, damn well know that it is indeed such a profession. But the profession is made by the people.  We are the makers!  It’s therefore up to us to change ourselves if we wish to see the changes in our organizations and communities which we wish to see.

It is often the case that our questions don’t need to be answered as much as our answers need to be questioned.  Let us ask questions which seek to provide real solutions needed in this world today.



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