Greetings & Welcome!!!


Greetings Everyone!

This is the very first post on this new blog.

I created this blog to address the conspicuous absence of many blogs on the web (a very high quality one is mentioned below) that address conflict management from the perspective of Contact Professionals (including, but not limited to law enforcement, corrections, security, healthcare, public transit, academia, athletics/sports officiating, family/parenting, etc.).

I also created it to weave in an emphasis on those in the world who wish to be ethical protectors, guardian servants, and generally people who focus on trying to help their fellow human beings.  Ethical protection is a concept that has been opened up to me from all the high quality training I continue to receive from the great trainers at Vistelar and the associated research into the teachings of Jack Hoban from Resolution Group International (RGI).

The professionals at Vistelar teach many different programs, focusing on the entire spectrum of human conflict.  They teach the Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) program of which I am a certified instructor.  Go here to visit their high quality blog where there are tons of highly useful posts by many authors including Gary Klugiewicz.  Gary’s posts, along with those by other Vistelar and VDI consultants and trainers, are a wealth of expert information, guidance, and training on conflict management.

I invite readers to actively participate in what you see posted here.  I’ll be re-posting quality material from other blogs and websites, as well as publishing some of my own. Working together, we can change the landscape – in a positive direction – of how humans relate to humans, whether this be in one’s family, organization, nation, or the entire world.

There is lots of work to do, not only in the United States, but the entire world.  In our opinion, it begins and ends with changing ourselves into better human beings. I see this as an endless journey.

Please share what’s on your mind in the comments section below :).


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