REspect All Persons…Always

Dr. George Thompson, creator of Verbal Judo, identified (and gave a name to) just this practice of professionally given “REspect” (his unique spelling) to distinguish it from the commonly known form of earned “respect.” This is one of the many tools, tactics, practices, and strategies that he contributed to the world of Conflict Communication. His pioneering work forms the foundation of many Conflict Communication programs … Continue reading REspect All Persons…Always

Seek to Ethically Serve & Protect (being unconcerned what your ego wishes to be called)

Hi All, See, read, and consider the points in this article entitled: Why we are warriors, guardians and ambassadors. Let’s keep this brief. Self-identify yourself as whatever you’d like…Guardian, Protector, Ambassador, Warrior, as long as what you DO (which is far more significant than what you say) includes: Gladdening the heart of human beings (this can be achieved in innumerable ways), Feeding the hungry (be … Continue reading Seek to Ethically Serve & Protect (being unconcerned what your ego wishes to be called)

Training the Ethical Protector

  Hi All, There is a gap in most (yes, most) law enforcement, public safety, police, and security training programs.  If your agency or organization is not suffering from this gap, then perhaps this article is not for you.  I caution you, however, to not allow ego to so quickly pull you away.  Ego blinds and is ever-present in protection circles. Please see this great … Continue reading Training the Ethical Protector

Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

    Hi All! Here continues the Rollcall Wisdom featuring Chief Harry Dolan. Please see this video below wherein Chief Harry Dolan, former Raleigh, NC Police Chief, speaks about the essential definition of a Law Enforcement Officer.  It is his opinion of this definition, and it is one with which I wholeheartedly agree. There is still an ongoing debate where Law Enforcement Officers make arguments … Continue reading Rollcall Wisdom – Guardians of the Peace

Dignity of All

“What good are any of our relative values if they are twisted to violate the existence and dignity of even one human being?” The above quote is by James V. Morganelli, in the Forward of Jack Hoban’s fine book, The Ethical Protector: Essays on Police Ethics, Tactics and Techniques. If you haven’t already read this book, we highly recommend it.  We particularly like this quote … Continue reading Dignity of All

Community Guardians, Not Warriors

Hi Everyone, Please see this article (link is also below) over at the high-quality Vistelar blog.  It’s about a very good article over at about LAPD’s efforts to help change their policing culture from that of being Warriors to, instead, being Guardians of their communities. Please let us know what you think. Continue reading Community Guardians, Not Warriors

Camden Cops Making Transition to Ethical Protectors

Hi Everyone, Thanks to Gary Klugiewicz, I saw this article (link also below) on Facebook.  It’s a great story of the Camden County, NJ Police Department and their crew going through a program with none other than Jack Hoban from Resolution Group International. Jack is training the Camden County LE team to be Ethical Protectors.  Part of that program is learning how to effectively communicate … Continue reading Camden Cops Making Transition to Ethical Protectors

Don’t Die on Me!

Hi Everyone, Please go to the high-quality Vistelar blog to read this recent post (link is also below) about the exemplary service ethos, in action, by Trooper Eric Devers of the  Ohio State Highway Patrol. As I mentioned in that post, the whole event brings to mind the outstanding contributions of Jack Hoban and Resolution Group International (RGI) in reference to the Ethical Protector mindset … Continue reading Don’t Die on Me!

RGI Mentoring Training: A Life Changing Experience

Everyone please check out this great post (link also listed below) by Gary Klugiewicz, from the VDI blog, about a Resolution Group International (RGI) Conflict Resolution Mentoring Training Course.  Jack Hoban’s work is invaluable for anyone wishing to reach the highest levels of ethical protection.  Visit the RGI website for more information about Jack’s work. RGI Mentoring Training: A Life Changing Experience. Continue reading RGI Mentoring Training: A Life Changing Experience

The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality

Please see the video below wherein Jack Hoban tells “The Hunting Story.”  It’s powerful, and conveys lessons about how central dignity and respect are to all human beings.  He speaks here to the Life Value. What do you get from this powerful story, and how can it be applied in your life and work? Continue reading The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality