REspect All Persons…Always

Dr. George Thompson, creator of Verbal Judo, identified (and gave a name to) just this practice of professionally given “REspect” (his unique spelling) to distinguish it from the commonly known form of earned “respect.” This is one of the many tools, tactics, practices, and strategies that he contributed to the world of Conflict Communication. His pioneering work forms the foundation of many Conflict Communication programs of today.

Dr. Thompson forecasted well the pains that we are now seeing in American policing. Early on, he provided tools of conflict communication, civil communication, and nothing less than a peace-building philosophy (philosophy drives action). This philosophy, with its intricate psychology, tools, tactics, practices, and strategies still stands as a premier way to create Ethical Protectors in the fields of law enforcement, policing, security, etc. and to transform service into something that can create more peace in our homes, organizations, communities, and the world.

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