Chief Harry P. Dolan – An Amazing Experience

Hi Everyone,

I recently had the privilege of participating in a whole day of training with Retired Police Chief of Raleigh, NC, Harry P. Dolan.  What an amazing experience it was!

His subject matter expertise spans the full gamut of verbal de-escalation strategies.  He covers everything having to do with creating the very best public servants.

He does an amazing job at conveying the roots (Aristotle’s teachings) of what became Dr. George Thompson’s Verbal Judo, explaining how to put them to use in our challenging professions.

One big take-away for me from this day-long training was the dangers of living in a hyper-vigilant state, the toll it takes on our physical health and our families, and what we can do to manage it.

I highly recommend his training to you.  Seek out the opportunity, and grow from it.  Look him up at his website.

Stay safe!

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