REspect All Persons…Always

Dr. George Thompson, creator of Verbal Judo, identified (and gave a name to) just this practice of professionally given “REspect” (his unique spelling) to distinguish it from the commonly known form of earned “respect.” This is one of the many tools, tactics, practices, and strategies that he contributed to the world of Conflict Communication. His pioneering work forms the foundation of many Conflict Communication programs … Continue reading REspect All Persons…Always

Vehicle Stops are People Stops: When you train for one, you train for both

Hi All, See this article over at Police1. Note that the same de-escalation (and hopefully non-escalation as well) tactics taught for the purpose of making vehicle pursuits as safe (physically, legally, emotionally, and otherwise) as possible are (should be) the same as keeping any people-stops safe, namely self/attitude management, nimble judgment & decision-making skills, all the while maintaining awareness of the need for immediate violence … Continue reading Vehicle Stops are People Stops: When you train for one, you train for both

Empathy is not Sympathy

Hi All, I continue to witness how many people confuse empathy with sympathy.  They are not the same. Just the other day, I was having a conversation with a high-level law enforcement leader.  I mentioned the value and importance of empathy for Law Enforcement, Police, and Security Professionals.  He quickly nodded, affirming that he agreed.  Then he made a statement where he explicitly made synonymous … Continue reading Empathy is not Sympathy

Creating a Non-Escalatory/Safe Culture is far more than simply using a “Technique”

Hi All, Please see this valuable article about violence in healthcare.  It’s a useful article in that it highlights the growing violence which healthcare professionals must face every day.  Healthcare in the present era is not the healthcare of our parents and grandparents.  Most nurses today experience levels of anxiety and aggression in patients and visitors that simply did not exist years ago to the … Continue reading Creating a Non-Escalatory/Safe Culture is far more than simply using a “Technique”

Conflict & Your Participation

Hi All, As Wayne Dyer once said: “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” So how are you participating?  What are you doing, for instance, to create a non-escalating environment and/or to de-escalate to bring the environment back to calmness? Are you letting your ego run things so that you continue to need to feel superior to the other person?  If so, you’re elevating the need to … Continue reading Conflict & Your Participation

A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

Hi All, For the Contact Professional, it is vital that s/he gets and maintains rapport with others, all the while remaining physically safe. How do you get a rapport with others, particularly those in crisis? Two things constitute a fundamental baseline and are the very foundation of any non-escalatory and de-escalatory efforts.  With these two things in place, non-escalation and de-escalation efforts will have the … Continue reading A Baseline Strategy for all De-Escalation

Chief Harry P. Dolan – An Amazing Experience

Hi Everyone, I recently had the privilege of participating in a whole day of training with Retired Police Chief of Raleigh, NC, Harry P. Dolan.  What an amazing experience it was! His subject matter expertise spans the full gamut of verbal de-escalation strategies.  He covers everything having to do with creating the very best public servants. He does an amazing job at conveying the roots (Aristotle’s … Continue reading Chief Harry P. Dolan – An Amazing Experience

Camden Cops Making Transition to Ethical Protectors

Hi Everyone, Thanks to Gary Klugiewicz, I saw this article (link also below) on Facebook.  It’s a great story of the Camden County, NJ Police Department and their crew going through a program with none other than Jack Hoban from Resolution Group International. Jack is training the Camden County LE team to be Ethical Protectors.  Part of that program is learning how to effectively communicate … Continue reading Camden Cops Making Transition to Ethical Protectors

What is Your Plan?

  I like this video teaching quite a lot. Please watch as Coach Bob Lindsey explains about how to listen effectively to another person, with empathy, and with the aim of understanding the person. Evident in what he shares here is a pre-practiced, planned method by which we can manage communicating with other people, particularly when we wish for the communication to be effective, respectful, and … Continue reading What is Your Plan?