Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution: Common Elements

Please see the article, Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips from the Greats. As I was reading it, it became apparent just how many common elements are shared between good public speaking and quality conflict minimization/resolution. Note the section about anxiety, and how we may harness it by accepting and working with it, instead of letting it harness us. In Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI), … Continue reading Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution: Common Elements

The 3rd Side

Hi Everyone, Please sit with this TED talk. We like it a lot.  It connects with our interests in how conflict management – whether it involves a volatile patient in a healthcare setting, an agitated family member, a person about to be arrested by a law enforcement officer, or an international, geopolitical dispute – shares common elements, regardless of setting. At the beginning of this … Continue reading The 3rd Side

Greetings & Welcome!!!

  Greetings Everyone! This is the very first post on this new blog. I created this blog to address the conspicuous absence of many blogs on the web (a very high quality one is mentioned below) that address conflict management from the perspective of Contact Professionals (including, but not limited to law enforcement, corrections, security, healthcare, public transit, academia, athletics/sports officiating, family/parenting, etc.). I also … Continue reading Greetings & Welcome!!!