Managing Conflict for Sports Officials

Hi Everyone, I remember the days when my wife and I would go to multiple soccer games a week with our son.  I remember all the parents rooting for their kids.  And I remember the few parents who would occasionally exhibit less-than-desirable behaviors with which the referees would then have to deal. Referees have an amazingly challenging job.  Think about it; they must maintain control … Continue reading Managing Conflict for Sports Officials

The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality

Please see the video below wherein Jack Hoban tells “The Hunting Story.”  It’s powerful, and conveys lessons about how central dignity and respect are to all human beings.  He speaks here to the Life Value. What do you get from this powerful story, and how can it be applied in your life and work? Continue reading The Hunting Story – The Meaning of Human Equality

The 3rd Side

Hi Everyone, Please sit with this TED talk. We like it a lot.  It connects with our interests in how conflict management – whether it involves a volatile patient in a healthcare setting, an agitated family member, a person about to be arrested by a law enforcement officer, or an international, geopolitical dispute – shares common elements, regardless of setting. At the beginning of this … Continue reading The 3rd Side

Vistelar Training Calendar

  Hi Everyone, Go here to the see the Vistelar Training calendar.  There you will see upcoming events for Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) courses, Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI) Instructor courses, ARMA training courses of many varieties, and much more. Increase the safety of your organization, agency, or family by taking advantage of these training opportunities. Tell us about your experiences and how this … Continue reading Vistelar Training Calendar

Happy Father’s Day

  Hi Everyone, If you aren’t already aware of the blog, Art of Manliness, please visit it. You won’t be disappointed. I was today re-reading some posts about Father’s Day, fathering, and, generally, just how to be a better man for those around us. I revisited an article from 2009 entitled Anger Mismanagement.  Go there to read it. It brings to mind how our dedication … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

What is Your Plan?

  I like this video teaching quite a lot. Please watch as Coach Bob Lindsey explains about how to listen effectively to another person, with empathy, and with the aim of understanding the person. Evident in what he shares here is a pre-practiced, planned method by which we can manage communicating with other people, particularly when we wish for the communication to be effective, respectful, and … Continue reading What is Your Plan?

The 5 Universal Truths

  Please watch this great video wherein Peter Harrell Jr., Speaker, Trainer & Consultant for Vistelar describes the premier philosophy/method of communicating with other humans, whether this be our family members, co-workers, or others we may encounter as Contact Professionals. What do you think? Continue reading The 5 Universal Truths