Bystander rushes to aid shot Ky. Officer

Hi Everyone! Please see this article over at It shows an altercation between a man stopped for a traffic stop and a Police Officer.  The man ended up shooting the Officer several times, wounding him in the arm. Watch the video.  It’s the Officer body camera.  Listen to the interaction. I’m less concerned about the tactics involved (though do pay attention to the relatively … Continue reading Bystander rushes to aid shot Ky. Officer

Skill Acquisition in Conflict Management

Hi All, I invite you to read this post published over at the Vistelar blog.  It references a good article over at the nice SOFREP website (news and analysis you can trust from military veterans) about skill acquisition. Acquiring, building, honing, and maintaining skills in conflict management is important to us all.  Many times, we think of physical skill development such as martial arts skills, … Continue reading Skill Acquisition in Conflict Management

How Bad Do You Want It?

Please watch the inspirational video below.  I’ve watched it many times, particularly when I find myself in wanting a shot of inspiration to work out better, to work out harder. Note, though, that the inspiration is useful for absolutely endeavor in life, whether it be to work out harder, to not give up during hard family times, and even to transform one’s ability to manage … Continue reading How Bad Do You Want It?

Managing Conflict for Sports Officials

Hi Everyone, I remember the days when my wife and I would go to multiple soccer games a week with our son.  I remember all the parents rooting for their kids.  And I remember the few parents who would occasionally exhibit less-than-desirable behaviors with which the referees would then have to deal. Referees have an amazingly challenging job.  Think about it; they must maintain control … Continue reading Managing Conflict for Sports Officials

Leadership Caffeine—Becoming Agile and Adaptable is THE Leadership Issue

Please see this good article (link is also at the bottom of this post) over at Leadership Caffeine.  It speaks to the need of adaptability in leaders, adaptability indeed being THE crucial leadership skill needed in this century. For those of us who enjoy martial arts and combatives, adaptability is also THE fundamental of all fundamentals.  The inimitable Bruce Lee shared with us: Set patterns, incapable … Continue reading Leadership Caffeine—Becoming Agile and Adaptable is THE Leadership Issue

Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution: Common Elements

Please see the article, Becoming a Better Public Speaker: Tips from the Greats. As I was reading it, it became apparent just how many common elements are shared between good public speaking and quality conflict minimization/resolution. Note the section about anxiety, and how we may harness it by accepting and working with it, instead of letting it harness us. In Verbal Defense & Influence (VDI), … Continue reading Public Speaking & Conflict Resolution: Common Elements

The 3rd Side

Hi Everyone, Please sit with this TED talk. We like it a lot.  It connects with our interests in how conflict management – whether it involves a volatile patient in a healthcare setting, an agitated family member, a person about to be arrested by a law enforcement officer, or an international, geopolitical dispute – shares common elements, regardless of setting. At the beginning of this … Continue reading The 3rd Side

The 5 Universal Truths

  Please watch this great video wherein Peter Harrell Jr., Speaker, Trainer & Consultant for Vistelar describes the premier philosophy/method of communicating with other humans, whether this be our family members, co-workers, or others we may encounter as Contact Professionals. What do you think? Continue reading The 5 Universal Truths